Youth Council of the Municipality of Thermi (English only)

Members of the Thermi Youth Council
Members of the Thermi Youth Council
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Greece, Municipality of Thermi
May 2020

Project Description

We are a Youth Council that uses the sociocratic method in the decision-making process. We are organized in local circles, one for every village and each local circle has a representative in the General Circle. The General Circle is the main institution of the Council but every Circle maintains its autonomy.


The context at the beginning was that the Directorate of Social and Educational Policy of Municipality of Thermi wanted to find a way to motivate young people to use a healthy way of political expression and stop cases of vandalism. The Directorate and the Vice Mayor of Education were involved and initiated the participation process.


Our main goal is to empower youth’s voice at a local level and take actions about matters that concern the young people and the society in general.

Method And Flow

As it has been already mentioned, we are using the sociocratic method. We start our process with the check-in, where everybody says how he/she feels. Then we prioritize the topics of the agenda. We examine each topic with the following procedure: the introducer of the topic explains it and we make a circle of questions. Then we make a circle of opinions and the coordinator brings a proposal in order to give our consent. At the end we do a check-out where everybody gives a feedback for the procedure. 

Members of the Youth Council of Termi in working groups

Results Of The Participation Process

The results that were achieved are resolving issues, participation, inclusion and transparency. Over all it was an overwhelming success.

Lessons Learned & Experiences

  • When you use an inclusive method as such you learn that everybody’s voice really matters and helps taking better decisions, but the process may not be always as fast as it should.
  • The members have to be well trained in order to make efficient consultation.


Directorate of Social and Educational Policy of Municipality of Thermi, Greece

Consulting And Process Development

Sociocracy Center of Greece

Costs And Financing

No finance needed. Sometimes the Municipality of Thermi provides financial support to the Council


Responsible for Internal Communication in the General Circle / Student in the Department of Political Sciences, AUTH

Stavros Apostolos Papagiannis

Youth Council of the Municipality of Thermi
Macedonias 27